Borrowdale House Carpark

barrow1The WVCC in its submission has called for the Development Application to build a five story carpark on the Borrowdale House site next to Woden square, not to be approved under the current plans and has suggested that underground car parking be considered for the site.

With the Woden Square being one of the only major public square or open space in the town centre area, a multi-storey carpark the, WVCC believes will have a negative impact on that space. There are areas within the Woden core centre that Multi storey carparks have created almost areas that see lack of pedestrian use and vitality.

Overshadowing of public spaces and walkways is another concern and this carpark will overshadow the pedestrian areas in front of the Library and health centre during the winter morning sun.

barrow2During the sale of Borrowdale House the WVCC wrote to the Chief Minister suggesting that the ACT Government consider the purchase of the building as to protect the Woden square from inappropriate development.

We sited the issue with the approval of the previous development application which would have seen a 22 storey residential building on the site which would have been only 15 -17m away from Lovett Tower. This would have increased the wind tunnelling effect that has had a negative impact on the Woden square.


The presentation by the Architects Peck Von Hartel is below along with the WVCC submission to the Development Application. Also the letter to the Chief Minister and response.

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