Chifley and Pearce Community Path

Proposed chifley pearce bike pathThe ACT Government has engaged GTA Consultants to provide advice regarding a new community path in Chifley and Pearce. The proposed path will run from the Athllon Drive shared path, along Melrose Drive and through the Chifley/Pearce ‘green belt’ to connect with the Tuggeranong Parkway shared path. The path has been designed to support walking and cycling to local schools and encourage commuter and recreational cycling.[teaserbreak]

Woden residents and others with an interest in this proposal are invited to attend a Community Consultation session.

When: Saturday 14 August
Where: Chifley/Pearce green belt, west side of Melrose Drive, opposite Parramatta
Street – marked “C” on the attached map
Time: 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

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