Our Objectives

  • To promote the interests of the Woden Valley community
  • To enhance and improve the economic, cultural, social and environmental well being of Woden Valley residents and community groups
  • To identify community groups and establish and maintain a close liaison between them
  • To contribute to the physical and social planning of and the development of the Woden Valley
  • To ensure that the interests of youth, the aged and other groups in the district are properly represented; and
  • To inform the community about matters affecting the Woden Valley.

Woden Valley Community Council

The Woden Valley Community Council engages as widely as possible with the Woden community on a range of issues affecting Woden residents. The Council engages with the ACT Government on behalf of Woden residents. We are in regular contact with the Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services, Canberra Urban parks and Places and the ACT Planning and Land Authority. We have a statutory responsibility to seek comment and respond to Government on proposed developments in the Woden Valley. On-going issues of interest to the Council are:

  • the need for a community arts and cultural facility in the Woden Town Centre.
  • major development proposals in the Valley
  • Woden East development
  • Phillip Oval re-development
  • Burnie court re-development
  • public transport and car parking
  • Eddison Park and other Woden parks
  • hospital developments
  • graffiti and maintenance of public places in Woden
  • facilities for the aged and youth

Your Committee

Election of Officers The following nomination were made and duly accepted at the 2016 AGM:

  • President: Fiona Carrick;
  • Vice President: Mike Reddy – click for Mike’s travelog;
  • Treasurer: Vacant;
  • Secretary: Vacant;
  • Publicity Officer: Eric Glass;
  • Committee members:
    • Chris Erett;
    • Robin Stanton;
    • Robert Issell;
    • Gina Pinkas.

Committee Membership

The Officers of the Council and the committee members are elected in accordance with Section 23 of the Council’s constitution.

Committee members are elected at the annual general meeting and may serve more than one term on the committee.

Nomination for membership of the Committee can be made by completing the Nomination Form and passing it to a committee member or the Secretary.