Development Proposal for 41 Curtin Place – With Q&A

A Development Application (DA) has been lodged with the ACT Environment and Planning Directorate. The proposal is to replace the north-western block of shops on the Curtin Square (the chemist, bookshop, milk bar, etc) with a six-storey building, including a double-height retail ground floor and five residential floors (50 apartments), with three levels of car parking underground. The total height above the square is 24 metres.

The community has concerns that a large building will loom over, and overshadow the square, which will change the current pleasant character of the shopping centre. There are also concerns about an increased pressure on car parking around the shops.

In November 2015 the Curtin Group Centre Master Plan was released which outlines a vision, planning principles and strategies to guide growth and development in the centre. It aims to identify what is important about the centre and how to enhance its environmental, social and economic sustainability. The master plan process was informed by input from the community and stakeholders, including traders and lessees in the centre. Read more …

Le Couteur calls for the finalisation of the Master Plan before Curtin development

Today Ms Le Couteur has reiterated the Greens’ calls for the 2015 draft Curtin Master Plan to be finalised, before any new developments are approved.

“The whole point of developing master plans in consultation with the community is to ensure that the voices of residents, businesses and Canberrans who work and live in the area are heard in future decisions. Read more …

The Draft Curtin Master plan has been released


Draft Curtin master plan has been released for comment. (click picture to enlarge) There is a survey to complete on the Have Your Say website, along with  the full draft documents to download. It is important to remember that this is just a draft and if you have any concerns about the plans please don’t hesitate to send in your feedback to – and also to the WVCC email address

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Have your say on 40 km/h precincts in Canberra’s group centres

40kmHave your say on proposed 40km/h zones for Curtin and Mawson group centres. For more information visit  the ACT Government website





Adelaide Avenue Bus Stops Study

Adelaide Avenue Bus StudyTransport for Canberra ( is considering adding three bus stops along Adelaide Avenue/Yarra Glen. WVCC has concerns about the increased trip times on the Blue Rapid service – a solution may be to split it into an Express (like the former Intertown 333 service) and a Semi-Fast service making more stops. Increases on service on Route 2 through Curtin would improve the viability of the new stops. A new stop at Parliament House would also be of benefit.

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McCulloch Street , Curtin Proposed Traffic changes

McCulloch Street viewThe ACT Government is proposing to implement traffic calming measures for McCulloch Street in Curtin. Proposed measures aim to address local residents concerns over the potential for an increase in traffic flow in this area due to the Molonglo development as well as existing traffic volumes and speeds on this residential street.


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Here is Martin Miller’s private Submission is available here » …

Submission re: DA 201120077 for Lease Variation Block 7 Section 62, Curtin

Woden Valley Community Council has objected to the granting of this lease variation application. Curtin shops are a significant community asset, recognised by the stipulations of the original lease.

PDF version is available here »…

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