Development Proposal for 41 Curtin Place – With Q&A

A Development Application (DA) has been lodged with the ACT Environment and Planning Directorate. The proposal is to replace the north-western block of shops on the Curtin Square (the chemist, bookshop, milk bar, etc) with a six-storey building, including a double-height retail ground floor and five residential floors (50 apartments), with three levels of car parking underground. The total height above the square is 24 metres.

The community has concerns that a large building will loom over, and overshadow the square, which will change the current pleasant character of the shopping centre. There are also concerns about an increased pressure on car parking around the shops.

In November 2015 the Curtin Group Centre Master Plan was released which outlines a vision, planning principles and strategies to guide growth and development in the centre. It aims to identify what is important about the centre and how to enhance its environmental, social and economic sustainability. The master plan process was informed by input from the community and stakeholders, including traders and lessees in the centre. Read more …

Goodwin Farrer Redevelopment Update.

Update . ACAT has determined that the proposed development complies with the Territory Plan in every respect except that Buildings B, D and E need to be reconfigured or redesigned to address non-compliance with Criterion 7(a) of the Community facilities Zone (CFZ). Click image for enlarged version

The Goodwin Farrer redevelopment is currently receiving attention at the ACT Civil & Administrative Tribunal. Woden Valley residents may recall that approval was given on 18 November 2015 to this development at 22 Marshall St Farrer, a development which includes six new buildings of 5 and 6 storeys.

It has a Residential Aged Care Facility but about 75% of the residents will actually live in the associated, independent living, Retirement Village.   The development will be high density, equivalent to RZ 5 zoning.  Most of the 39 representations received were concerned with height, bulk and scale; and the resultant impact upon the low level neighbourhood. Read more …

Borrowdale House Carpark

barrow1The WVCC in its submission has called for the Development Application to build a five story carpark on the Borrowdale House site next to Woden square, not to be approved under the current plans and has suggested that underground car parking be considered for the site. Read more …

Expanded Paid Parking Plan for the Phillip Service Trades Area

With the announcement of the 2015/16 Budget in June last year one of the proposals was to expand pay parking throughout the Phillip Business District.

Urban Renewal Program – Phillip trade service area parking management
The Government will introduce pay parking in the Phillip trade service area to better manage parking demand. This initiative will provide for new parking machines and signage, which will come into effect from July 2016.    Capital expenditure $419 000 – ACT Budget 2015/16

Parking machines have been in the Phillip Trades’ service area along Botany Street, Melrose Drive, Altree court and the Hindmarsh Drive slip lane for several years. The ACT Government proposes to extend parking machines throughout the area with a mix of short term and all day parking areas.
Paid Parking Plan

Read more …

Woden Master Plan

Web banner Woden Master planThe Woden Town Centre Master plan was released in November 2015 after a stop start consultation that started in 2012. This was ultimately a review of the 2004 Woden Master Plan and also at the request of the former planning minister Simon Corbell  in relation to the plans for Woden/Section 9 .

In the WVCC submission we made recommendations on several key areas in the draft master plan which includes: Transport, Building heights and Planning context, Public realm, Urban Amenity, Open space, and Sports and Recreation Facilities. Read more …

The Draft Curtin Master plan has been released


Draft Curtin master plan has been released for comment. (click picture to enlarge) There is a survey to complete on the Have Your Say website, along with  the full draft documents to download. It is important to remember that this is just a draft and if you have any concerns about the plans please don’t hesitate to send in your feedback to – and also to the WVCC email address

Click for details….



Development Application: 201527916 Address: 22 MARSHALL STREET, FARRER Block: 10 Section: 7

Applications Secretariat
Environment and Planning Directorate

Development Application: 201527916
Block: 10 Section: 7

Dear Applications Secretariat,

The Woden Valley Community Council (WVCC) would like to register its objection to the proposed development application 201527916 Goodwin Aged Care redevelopment in

Farrer.  The proposal will see buildings ranging from five and six storeys in height which is out of character with the current neighbouring low scale dwellings. The current community facilities zone (CFZ) development code for which this site is located, recommends buildings heights if within 30 metres of a residential block, at two storeys and in other cases the lesser of four storeys or 15 metres.  This Goodwin proposed development is similar to an RZ5 development zone proposal which should be located closer to a rapid transport corridor and or near a major group centre. Read more …

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