Mawson Stormwater Project

The WVCC’s submission on the Mawson Stormwater Project can be
read here » …

Woden Retail Expansion

Woden Expansion

The ACT Government’s Economic Development Division and Westfield have announced a proposal for a significantly expanded mall and redeveloped bus interchange for Woden.

WVCC welcomes these initiatives, and looks forward to providing community input into the ongoing development of these plans, particularly in relation to the new bus interchange, for which we have waited so long.

If you have ideas on these proposals, we’d love to hear from you!

Click to view the Chronicle article » …

Click for ACT Govt presentation – June meeting of the WVCC » …

Click for Westfield presentation – June meeting of the WVCC » …

Energy Smart Workshop – Woden

An Energy Smart Workshop will be held in the Woden Library – Friday, 29 June 2012 – 5:00pm – 7:00pm. Media release can be read here » …

Transport Plan 2011-2031

The ACT Government has recently put out a draft Tranport Plan through to 2031. The Public Transport chapter is accessible via under the Transport Planning header. A private submission has been made by Henry Hatch which emphasises the need for short trip times across the network, and the need for a much higher speed transit system on routes such as the Blue Rapid route through Woden. While comments on the plan have now closed, it will remain a hot issue.

Henry Hatch’s submission is available here »…

Infrastructure in the Woden Valley

The ACT Government recently released the 2010 Infrastructure Plan.The Plan will be updated annually,allowing the Government to respond to emerging issues and ensure that its priorities remain relevant


You may wish to say something about infrastructure upgrades for Woden. Is Woden looking tired and unloved? Have your say on infrastructure priorities for Woden ie: Bus Interchange, Yarralumla
Creek naturalisation, Phillip Pool, Trees and Park/Open Space
maintenance, Community Facilities, Football Park’s promised grandstands.

Coming soon will be a questionnaire on these issues but in the meantime, please send us an email at with your thoughts.

New southern carpark at Canberra Hospital

The ACT Government has allocated $300 million over four years to begin work on Your Health-Our Priority, a health infrastructure project to be progressively implemented over the coming years that will cost in excess of $1 billion.

One of the first steps in this project will be the construction of a new southern carpark on the Canberra Hospital site. [teaserbreak]

Information pamphlet from ACT Health on proposed carpark at Canberra Hospital [PDF File – 329k]

ACT Health provided feedback on submissions regarding the proposed new carpark on 15 December [PDF File – 864 K]

ACT Health is seeking your ideas and input. Please email your feedback to

Your Health-Our Priority – Stage One

Your Health-Our Priority – Stage Two

Canberra Airport / Tralee

A lot of discussion has been generated in recent months about the Canberra International Airport ‘s (CIA) objections to the proposed Tralee development. The recent release of the CIA Preliminary Draft Master Plan indicates however that there is a lot more to digest and discuss than this proposed residential development.[teaserbreak]

Before listing some of these other issues however, it might be appropriate to remember that the CIA is a private business in the same way that the developers of residential or commercial estates are private businesses. In a competitive business environment smokescreens and diversionary tactics might be employed in an attempt to gain some commercial advantage. This is nothing new or surprising. As members of the community we must however be discerning and even-handed with the information presented.

The WVCC encourages the Canberra community to consider reports and expert analysis from all sides; to examine all the details and implications of proposed residential developments; to examine the CIA’s proposal to establish a 24 hour air freight hub at Canberra airport – hoping, I understand, to attract much of the 34,500 freight flights pa currently based in Sydney; to examine the details and implications for Canberra’s Town Centres of the CIA’s proposal to increase Brindabella Park at CIA from 60,000 to 120,000 square meters.

The latest Office Market Report (OMR) indicates an 10.6% vacancy rate in A-grade office stock in one of our Town Centres. With the proposed development in Civic of up to 100,000 sq m of new A-grade office space in coming years, the overall vacancy rate in our Town Centres can be expected to increase. More than 20% of D-grade space is, according to the OMR, vacant in our Town Centres.

WVCC’s AGM Wednesday 1 Sept 2004, 7.30pm in the Orpheus Room upstairs at the Hellenic Club Woden will provide an opportunity for presentations from various stakeholders and discussion and questions from the public on these matters. We hope many of you will be able to attend.

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