Request to call-in Development Application 201119563: Lease Variation— Pitch and Putt Golf Course, Block 4 Section 9, Phillip

The Woden Valley Community Council request to the Minister for Planning (Mr Simon Corbell), as a matter of urgency, to exercise his call-in power under S159 (2) of the Planning and Development Act (2007) to refuse the above development application which, if approved, will have the effect of allowing the Canberra Southern Cross Club to redevelop the current site of the Pitch and Putt Golf Course for its own commercial purposes.
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Proposed changes to the Canberra Southern Cross<br /> Pitch and Putt course lease in Phillip

Redevelopment of Pitch & Putt site - PhillipWVCC wishes to alert Woden residents to the proposal by the Canberra Southern Cross Club to change lease clauses of their Pitch and Putt course site in Phillip as a first step towards redeveloping the site. A master plan reflecting the possible future uses of the site (such as a gymnasium and hotel) can be seen in Development Application 201119563 on the ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) website at:


The WVCC will be objecting to this proposal. If approved, Woden will lose yet another valuable recreational facility and at a time when there are proposals to significantly increase the population in the Woden Town Centre through the construction of residential towers.

The WVCC strongly urges Woden residents to also object to this proposal to change the lease for the site of the Canberra Southern Cross Pitch and Putt course.

The deadline for submitting comments to the ACT Planning and Development Authority (ACTPLA) is Wednesday, is 18 May 2011.

DA 201018039 Phillip Section 24 Block 5

Woden Valley Community Council (WVCC) wishes to lodge an objection to DA 201018039 Phillip Section 24 Block 5 on the grounds that the proposed lease variation removes the requirement to use the lease only for the purpose of an indoor basketball hall with a minimum GFA of 1300 sqm.
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Objection to DA 201017864 S144B Amendment Block 54 and Block 84 Section 8 Phillip

WVCC has lodged an objection to the development application regarding the Woden Town Centre and also to the frustration and inflexibility of approach by ACTPLA when their website prevents the lodgement of objections.


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