WVCC 2017-18 Budget Submission

The Chief Minister states, in the Act Government’s document Canberra: A statement of ambition, that cities don’t succeed by accident or by leaving things to chance – they require design, good governance and great collaboration.

The WVCC looks forward to shaping our future, in collaboration with the ACT Government, to achieve the policy outcomes of economic diversification and urban renewal to make Woden a better place to live, work and socialise.

These policy outcomes will ensure that the Woden Valley is a vibrant community that is inclusive, welcoming, and open to diverse talents and determined to help everyone reach their fullest potential.

In order to attract families to our community, Woden requires additional jobs, education opportunities, sporting and cultural facilities with bars, cafes and restaurants that are close to where people want to live.

The policy outcomes that the WVCC seeks are:

  1. A vibrant community with sustainable amenity;
  2. Available housing choices, including affordable housing;
  3. Increased job opportunities;
  4. Improved access to higher education; and
  5. Better health outcomes – improved access to sporting facilities and active living amenity.

Read more …

Borrowdale House Carpark

barrow1The WVCC in its submission has called for the Development Application to build a five story carpark on the Borrowdale House site next to Woden square, not to be approved under the current plans and has suggested that underground car parking be considered for the site. Read more …

Territory Plan Draft Variation 346 – Residential Solar Access Provisions

2016-04-27_15-28-26Reasonable access to sunlight is important to residents for both residential amenity (including quality of life) and energy efficiency (particularly in minimising heating costs in the cooler months). Heating costs form a large proportion of overall energy costs in Canberra which has a colder winter than other mainland capitals.

WVCC has made a submission on the proposed variation to the draft Territory Plan 346 – Read more …

Woden Master Plan

Web banner Woden Master planThe Woden Town Centre Master plan was released in November 2015 after a stop start consultation that started in 2012. This was ultimately a review of the 2004 Woden Master Plan and also at the request of the former planning minister Simon Corbell  in relation to the plans for Woden/Section 9 .

In the WVCC submission we made recommendations on several key areas in the draft master plan which includes: Transport, Building heights and Planning context, Public realm, Urban Amenity, Open space, and Sports and Recreation Facilities. Read more …

WVCC Budget submission – ACT 2016-17

The ACT budget 2016 – 17 consultation closed on the 14th October after a short four week consultation. The WVCC made a submission to the consultation and listed five key priorities based on current works, consultant reports and ageing infrastructure. These include:

Funding for a new Woden Community/Arts Centre. The Woden community centre report identified the possible reuse of existing empty buildings with Callam Offices a strong contender, though refurbishment costs are high. Read more …

Development Application: 201527916 Address: 22 MARSHALL STREET, FARRER Block: 10 Section: 7

Applications Secretariat
Environment and Planning Directorate

Development Application: 201527916
Block: 10 Section: 7

Dear Applications Secretariat,

The Woden Valley Community Council (WVCC) would like to register its objection to the proposed development application 201527916 Goodwin Aged Care redevelopment in

Farrer.  The proposal will see buildings ranging from five and six storeys in height which is out of character with the current neighbouring low scale dwellings. The current community facilities zone (CFZ) development code for which this site is located, recommends buildings heights if within 30 metres of a residential block, at two storeys and in other cases the lesser of four storeys or 15 metres.  This Goodwin proposed development is similar to an RZ5 development zone proposal which should be located closer to a rapid transport corridor and or near a major group centre. Read more …

Woden Cemetery Master Plan

Woden cemetery masterplanThe WVCC wishes to record its objection to the proposed extension of the Woden Cemetery , on the following grounds.

  • The proposed extension alienates scarce public recreational space in the Woden East area;
  • The proposal represents a short-term fix to a long-term problem.
  • The ACT Government should, instead, fund further development of the Cemetery Authority’s 2010 proposal for a new cemetery and crematorium for south Canberra, on the Long Gully site.

The WVCC submission is available here …

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