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The Standing Committee on Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services invites submissions to its inquiry into Draft Variation to the Territory Plan No.306: Residential and Subdivision Policy Review. The recommended final variation is accessible via the ACTPLA website[teaserbreak]

The Committee has already received copies of all submissions provided to the ACT Planning and Land Authority and will take these into account during the inquiry. Submissions to ACTPLA therefore need not be re-submitted to the Committee.

Written submissions should be lodged by 1 June 2012, however extensions may be granted. Submissions should include your full name, postal address (even if you are emailing the submission) and telephone number. Electronic lodgement is preferred. Please indicate in your submission if you are also interested in appearing as a witness at a public hearing of the Committee.

 Attached is information on making a submission to Legislative Assembly Committees, as well as a short questionnaire regarding the DV306 inquiry.  Please note that completing the questionnaire does not prevent you from making a formal submission.  Aany questions regarding the inquiry process or lodging a submission, please contact Veronica Strkalj on (02) 6205 0435 or at committees@parliament.act.gov.au.

Draft ACT Planning Strategy – WVCC Submission

The WVCC submitted comments to the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate on the Directorate’s Draft ACT Planning Strategy.
Read the submission here » ..

ACT Budget 2012-13 – WVCC Submission

The WVCC submitted the following proposals for funding from the ACT Government’s Budget 2012-13.
You can read the WVCC’s budget submission here » …

Good news—the Pitch and Putt facility to be retained

The ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) has refused elements of the Canberra Southern Cross Club’s proposal to vary the lease of the pitch and putt site, including the variation of the lease to permit the use of the land for a club, commercial accommodation (eg. hotel), drink establishment, public agency and tourist facility.

The pitch and putt golf course is to be retained but the Southern Cross Club will be permitted to build a gymnasium on the pitch and putt site.

ACTPLA’s Notice of Decision is here »…

Draft Variation 306 to the Territory Plan

The ACT Green’s say that Draft Variation 306 to the Territory Plan (DV306) still does not adequately address solar access.


Caroline Le Couteur MLA, Planning Spokesperson, ACT Greens

12 August 2011

Groundhog Day, but still no solar access

The ACT Government has announced a 6 week extension to community consultation on Draft Variation 306 to the Territory Plan – a further delay to the implementation of solar access rights. 

“This is groundhog day for solar access in the ACT,” said Greens planning spokesperson, Caroline Le Couteur MLA.

“Last year the Government was forced to send two Territory Plan Variations (301 and 303) to a specially established expert reference panel because the variations were too complicated and divisive.  They were then replaced by Draft Territory Plan Variation 306, which is still long and complicated. So now the Government has been forced to give industry and the community more consultation time.

“The consultation period has been extended to 6 September, but sadly this will delay some sustainability requirements within Variation 306. We still have not seen any of the advice given by the reference panel to government, which is a shame, as it should be background reading for people wishing to understand the variation.

“Solar access is one issue where I believe that the Canberra community is united.  We all agree that we deserve solar access rights.  People in Canberra should be able to build without the risk of losing all their sunlight.

Ms Le Couteur tabled an Assembly motion in October 2010 to split solar access rights from controversial planning zone changes to allow the prompt implementation of solar access rights. But Labor voted with the Liberal Party to adjourn the debate.

“If my motion had been passed last year, Canberrans could have had solar access rights by now. This would have allowed the community to better focus on the myriad of other issues in this Variation, such as plot ratios, setbacks and dwelling numbers per block in good time with plenty of consultation.

“Instead the Government is persisting on including both common sense changes that the community supports, as well as some complicated and controversial changes.

“I call on the Government to honour its commitment to the Labor-Greens Parliamentary Agreement and implement solar access rights in the ACT,” said Ms Le Couteur.

WVCC Draft Variation No. 306 to the Territory Plan

The Woden Valley Community Council has submitted comments to the ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) on Draft Variation No. 306 to the Territory Plan (Residential Development, Estate Development and Leasing Codes). ACTPLA has now extended the deadline for comments to 6 September 2011.

Read the WVCC submissions »…

Proposed major changes to planning in the ACT – Draft Variation No. 303 to the Territory Plan

The Woden Valley Community Council, which believes well-considered neighbourhood plans are essential in achieving the best redevelopment outcomes, has called for the Draft Variation 303 to be withdrawn.


The WVCC opposes the proposed changes that would:

  • increase plot ratios;
  • reduce setback rules;
  • reduce private and community open space;
  • reduce minimum block size for standard single dwelling blocks and for multi unit development;
  • permit secondary dwellings in backyards where none were previously allowed;
  • remove the existing provisions for public notification for lease variations and certain other types of development, thereby removing residents’ rights to object and appeal against developments; and
  • not ensure minimum passive solar provisions for living areas as is currently mandated.

WVCC Submission

WVCC Letter to the Planning Minister and Response

WVCC Media Release

Further information on Draft Variation 303, including copies of public submissions, is available on the ACTPLA website.

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