UPDATED – Comments on W2 extended to 1 February 2021

UPDATED - Comments on W2 extended to 1 February 2021

Please send an email to EPDCustomerservices@act.gov.au with your views The W2 proposal is for 222 apartments (with a veneer of ground level commercial space) in three (14, 20 and 24 storey) towers on the north west corner of the Woden Town Square. W2 is massive in bulk and scale and will overwhelm the Town Square by: overshadowing the south (sunny) side of the square in the afternoons. exacerbating wind funnelling potentially

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WVCC Candidates Forum for the ACT Election

2 Sep 20 @ 7pm -Southern Cross Club.

Come and listen to, and question our sitting and aspiring members of the Legislative Assembly.
This is a critical election, with many vital issues, both local and city-wide, to be discussed and determined in the next 4 years
Note, too that the result in our electorate (Murrumbidgee) could well determine who governs Canberra for the next 4 years

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