Section 66 Deakin  – 117 Kent St Deakin

Section 66 Deakin  - 117 Kent St Deakin

Hindmarsh has lodged a Development Application to construct multi storey storage facilities on this site.

The scale of the proposal is inappropriate. It would cover the entire site in buildings and car parks and add to the water run off and heat island effect. It is a significant increase in the area of buildings allowed by the current lease.

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Representation on equitable distibution of higher education in Canberra

The representation to and response from Minister Fitzharris on possible higher education campus investment in south Canberra

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Revitalising Woden Town Centre

Revitalising Woden Town Centre

Do you want the Woden Town Centre to thrive so we can go there for social and recreational activity? We want densification,but we want densification done well. We need an imaginative plan to bring the Town Centre’s amenity to a point where people want to be there. We have lost the CIT, the basketball stadium and we are at risk of losing the pool and the ice skating rink. We

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Bringing forward the performance audit for ‘Planning processes for urban renewal’

The representation and response by the Auditor General seek consideration of bringing forward the performance audit for ‘planning and development processes for urban renewal’ because Woden’s planning needs improvement.

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Update of the Phillip Precinct Code

Representation to Minister Gentleman regarding a Committee report into a Draft Variation to the Territory Plan for the Woden Town Centre

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Invitation to the WVCC Meeting to discuss GEOCON’s poposals

Invitation to the WVCC Meeting to discuss GEOCON’s proposals on recommendation 11 of the Joints Standing Committee for Planning and Urban Renewal’s Report re Woden Town Centre

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Development of a Coordinated Plan – Recretational Facilities Site

A representation to Minister Berry to develop a plan to rebuild Woden’s community infrastructure

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