Woden Valley Community Council president Fiona Carrick is worried about Woden Cemetery’s plan to expand into public parks. Photo: Karleen Minney

The Woden Valley Community Council is seeking a commitment from the ACT Government to a long term solution to the burial needs of the community rather than the permanent loss of 3 hectares from Eddison Park. In light of future population growth from densification, a review of the requirements for open green space in Woden should be undertaken prior to the loss of green space for a short term solution to the burial capacity in Canberra.

On 30 June 2017, Minister Fitzharris announced that the expansion of the Woden Cemetery will be reviewed in the context of light rail to Woden and the expansion

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  1. Thank you for your comment Mike, we agree. The ACT Government should commit to a new cemetery to meet the needs of the community and avoid the need to expand the Woden Cemetery which will see the permanent loss of 3 hectares of open green space.

  2. There does not appear to be any concrete statements regarding the proposed Southern Cemetry / Crematorium.
    Although the statement reflect the ability for the current cemeteries to cope for the future, my thoughts are that give the expanse of housing in the southern suburbs, would it not be an advantage to have the Southern Cemetry/ Crematorium built now.

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