WVCC Candidates Forum for the ACT Election

2 Sep 20 @ 7pm -Southern Cross Club.

Come and listen to, and question our sitting and aspiring members of the Legislative Assembly.
This is a critical election, with many vital issues, both local and city-wide, to be discussed and determined in the next 4 years
Note, too that the result in our electorate (Murrumbidgee) could well determine who governs Canberra for the next 4 years

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Next Meeting – 2 Sep 20 – Meet the Candidates

Please watch out for news of our big election-related event, our candidates’ forum on 2 September. We are very hopeful that this will be face-to-face. If not, we will try to organise a live-streaming event. Venue – Southern Cross Club, Woden Timings: 7pm to 9 pm First Wednesday of each month (excluding January More information: secretary@wvcc.org.au

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