Please support members of our community who will be impacted by the overwhelming scale of the N12 (Block 13 Section 81) development on the corner of Easty and Wilbow Streets in Phillip at (petition number 025-18).

The community is seeking for the construction to be reduced in height so that it becomes congruous with the established built and natural environs.In addition to the impact of the N12 development, the N10 site (Block 17 Section 156) opposite N12 has been retrospectively rezoned from RZ4 (medium density residential zone) to CZ2 (major centres business zone) after local residents bought into adjacent RZ4 developments (Avoca and Wilara), and parts of Arabanoo Park’s open green space (situated between N12 and the Callum Offices) will be built on—when the Woden Town Centre’s precious open green space should be preserved and rehabilitated not reduced!

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