WOVA – re-position building and reduce height

Please support members of our community that will be impacted by the overwhelming scale of this development and sign the petition at

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Petition – Direct Tram Civic-Woden

If you would like to see the Parliamentary Triangle, Manuka and Kingston appropriately serviced without compromising the back bone, please sign the WVCC petition at

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ACT Federal electorate redistribution

ACT Federal electorate redistribution

Both the Woden Valley Community Council and the Weston Creek Community Council have written to the AEC objecting to the Federal boundaries. The Woden Town Centre is the social and economic hub for Woden, Weston Creek and Molonglo and under the proposed distribution, not only will the Woden community be split, the Town Centre will be separated from the majority of the community is services.

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Woden’s participation in the social and economic benefits of higher education

A representation to the CIT to reconsider the closure of Woden CIT and seek Woden’s participation in the social and economic benefits of higher education

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Establishment of a UNSW campus in the Woden Valley

A representation to establish a UNSW campus in the Woden Valley

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Representation on equitable distibution of higher education in Canberra

The representation to and response from Minister Fitzharris on possible higher education campus investment in south Canberra

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Coordination plan for community infrastruture

Representation to Minister Fitzharris to develop a coordinated plan to rebuild Woden’s community infrasture

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