Update – Woden Pitch & Putt

The Woden Valley Community Council requested the Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, Mr Simon Corbell, to exercise his call-in power under the Planning and Development Act (2007) to refuse the Canberra Southern Cross Club’s proposal to…

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Woden Voice Newsletter Winter 2011

Read the latest Woden Voice, a community newsletter published by Woden Community Service Inc. and the Woden Valley Community Council Inc. with a distribution of 19,000.

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PHILLIP Development Application: 201120020 Address: 30 CORINNA STREET Block: 4 Section: 12

Proposal: LEASE VARIATION. Please see application form for full lease variation details. Period for representations closes: 21/06/2011.
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Request to call-in Development Application 201119563: Lease Variation— Pitch and Putt Golf Course, Block 4 Section 9, Phillip

The Woden Valley Community Council request to the Minister for Planning (Mr Simon Corbell), as a matter of urgency, to exercise his call-in power under S159 (2) of the Planning and Development Act (2007) to refuse the above development application…

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Proposed changes to the Canberra Southern Cross<br /> Pitch and Putt course lease in Phillip

WVCC wishes to alert Woden residents to the proposal by the Canberra Southern Cross Club to change lease clauses of their Pitch and Putt course site in Phillip as a first step towards redeveloping the site. A master plan reflecting the possible future…

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Aalto Residential Apartments

Catherine Townsend from Townsend and Associates Architects presented concept proposals for the Aalto residential apartments to be constructed on the former YMCA site (now a childcare centre, tennis courts and Balloons Aloft) in Irving Street, Phillip at…

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Woden 9 concept planning

Over the next 5–10 years, the western side of the Woden Town Centre will be the focus of intensive planning. At the WVCC meeting on 2 March, Ian Wood-Bradley and Chris Millman from the Land Development Agency (LDA) outlined concept planning for section…

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