Next Public Meeting

  • Next Public Meeting 3 Feb 21
    Next public meeting is at 7pm Wednesday at the Southern Cross Club at 7:30pm. The WVCC supports development in Woden however we want it to be done well with a balance between homes, jobs, public spaces and community facilities. Presentations Lovett Tower refurbishment – this development brings residents to the...
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  • Zapari’s Brewer St DA202037991
    Zapari’s Brewer St DA202037991
     The proposal provides for 288 apartments in a 16 storey tower on 0.257 hectares. Assuming an average of 2 people per apartment, this extrapolates to 2,241 people per hectare. This development needs to be reduced in height and bulk to contribute to the livability of the town centre. ...
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  • The Oaks – stage 3 - DA202037978
    The Oaks – stage 3 – DA202037978
    The Oaks comprises three 16 storey towers and a 3 storey serviced apartment building located in the north of Woden between Ivy and Trilogy. We are concerned about the increase in the height and scale of stage 3, the inclusion of a separate serviced apartment building in the place of green space and traffic flows around the north of Woden....
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  • The Melrose - opposite A&A
    The Melrose – opposite A&A
    This 10 storey (90 apartments) development is the first of 4 towers – 480 apartments in 3 residential towers and 1 commercial tower. The lease requires the provision of 5 community housing dwellings, 10 public housing dwellings and 74 affordable homes. While the affordable homes are required to be provided within the 4 towers, it has been proposed that they are all located in 1 tower. The primary concern for...
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  • 1971 Woden Floods - remembrance at 7pm on 26 January
    1971 Woden Floods – remembrance at 7pm on 26 January
    Tragically, on 26 January 1971 following a torrential downpour, 7 young people lost their lives....
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  • UPDATED - Comments on W2 extended to 1 February 2021
    UPDATED – Comments on W2 extended to 1 February 2021
    Please send an email to with your views The W2 proposal is for 222 apartments (with a veneer of ground level commercial space) in three (14, 20 and 24 storey) towers on the north west corner of the Woden Town Square. W2 is massive in bulk and scale and will overwhelm the Town Square by: overshadowing the south (sunny) side of the square in the afternoons. exacerbating wind funnelling potentially...
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